Best funny Fails of Girls 2017


Best funny Fails of Girls 2017

Best funny Fails of Girls 2017 Best Funny Fails of Girls Best funny Fails of Girls 2017 best funny fails girls 2017

Best Funny Fails of Girls” The word prank literally means a mischievous act or a practical joke or playing a trick or practical joke on someone just for fun.  A person performing a prank is known as a practical joker. Pranks are generally used to make someone or a group of people look foolish and humbled but they are not to be victimized and embarrassed in such a way that it affects their personal and social identity. That is the reason that a practical joker or a prankster carries out its prank in a certain and a unique way that itself seems funny and it also does not hurt someone.  In the western world April Fools is dedicated to conducting and carrying out practical jokes.

Best Funny Fails of Girls is the art of pranking has flourished and it has progressed really fast in other regions of world. Because in the past pranks were associated as a part of “Western Culture”.

A prank is a practical joke because it consists of something practical rather than verbal or written joke.  For instance a prankster who is carrying out a prank might throw a bucket of ice cold water on the person being pranked.

Best Funny Fails of Girls has a various types of pranks include exploding cigars, costumes, fake vomit, chewing gum bug, stink bombs etc.

Practical jokes often occur inside houses or in offices where the prankster tends to get the best of reactions out of the person pranked.


Pranks can also be performed in public, the most famous of them being the spider scare pranks and the hitman pranks. On the internet there are thousands of videos of friends pranking each other and sometimes it turns out in a prank war in which pranks are performed one after the other in a series by the pranksters against each other.

Best Funny Fails of Girls:

Some times these pranks gone wrong and become fail. So there are lots of Best Funny Fails of Girls on internet. Best Funny Fails of Girls are also on youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, etc.

In 1953 American comedian wrote a book called “The Compleat Practical Joker”. The book became the best seller not only in the US but also in Japan. The author of the book “Practically Joking” Moira Marsh has wrote an entire volume on the subject of practical joking. And her studies reveal that in US they are more often done by males rather than females. Nowadays YouTube has become a source of promoting pranks world wide. You can wide genres of pranks whether it is a scare prank or a kidnap prank and much more.

Famous Trending Pranksters

Currently there are a lot of pranksters on YouTube who are quite famous. These include Roman Atwood, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Stuart Edge, and Andrew Hales to name a few.

In Pakistan the trend of pranking has also flourished. Many young and talented Pakistanis have shown their abilities. The way they deceive and carry out their joke is kind of unique. These include

Nadir Ali (P4 PAKAO):

Nadir Ali is one Pakistani who has really taken up the social media in Pakistan by really funny pranks. After Hanif Raja no one has ever produced such great pranks.

The 3 Idiotz:

Speaking of Pakistani pranksters you cannot miss out these talented young pranksters. They have a Facebook page which has now about more than 800,000 followers.

The 3 idiotz cast by (Muhammad Kashan, Hammad Abbasi, Faisal Iqbal).

Zaid Ali:

Zaid Ali or Zaid Ali T known due to his YouTube pseudonym is a Pakistani-Canadian YouTube Personality. His videos have a remarkable viewership of 6 million views. Zaid Ali the young Pakistani- Canadian YouTube personality.

Conclusion: Best Funny Fails of Girls

The concept of practical joking or pranking is still new in Pakistan , the reason being that people are not encouraging in this regard but however due to the availability of social media and changing trends  of social media  has made people every to encourage this stuff and join this field . Hopefully in the nearby future Pakistan will produce great pranksters because through art and culture Pakistan can really show its positive image to the world. For more best funny fails of girls video click here.

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