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Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a renowned fashion designer and she was the first person who combine both styles; classic and casual. Her brand name is Chanel and she introduced new looks and broke stereotypes regarding stifling corseted silhouettes. She provided people with sporty casual look, which sounded very trendy and stylish. Her brand was not limited to couture clothing but also reflects her fashion sense in perfumes, handbags and jewelry with unique and trendy looks.

She described her work: “fashion fades, only style remains

Chanel led a stunning vast of catwalk stars down the runway in spring/ summer 2016 collection on airline-themed Paris fashion week show on Tuesday morning. They transformed the iconic Grand Palais in Paris into a luxury Chanel airport terminal, complete with check-in desk, departure boards and baggage carts – all stamped with the trademark Chanel logo.

Mr. Lagerfeld put on a first class show, as always, putting a futuristic twist on the brand’s iconic tweed designs, while injecting vibrant color into each ensemble that was showcased on the catwalk.

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Ready for takeoff! Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais in Paris into a Chanel-themed airport terminal for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 fashion week show.

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First class show: Models took to the runway with suitcases and luxurious hold-alls, while many front row guests were seated in areas resembling departure gate lounges.

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Designer terminal: Guests arriving at the show were invited to check in at one of the designated Chanel Airlines desks


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19 years old Kendall Jenner led a stunning group of models down the runway at the show, modeling a colorful take on Chanel’s iconic tweed suit shown in the above picture.

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Check-in desk: they gave a proper theme of airline in which they placed check in desks branded desks, desks of Chanel airline. They models made the full use of these desks, which the runway circled around. A large departures board was also constructed above the desks, and featured exotic locations such as Shanghai, Salzburg and Tokyo.

The one who were invited get check in with Chanel-clad staff members upon arrival at the bright, airy terminal, before being shown to their seats, some of which were cleverly modeled after those usually found in a departure gate waiting area.

Model came up with suitcases and hold-less which were perfect for a luxurious gateway on Chanel air. There were arrival board inspired patterns.

The Chanel designer even had baggage ramps ready and waiting for any guests and were eager to check anything of guests before taking their seats.

On the other hand models were able to handover their suitcases before carrying on their walk down the runway.

Paying homage to fashions favored by the people piloting the plane, some of the leggy ladies modeled over-sized aviator-style glasses, which were also given a bright and bold twist in the form of vibrant polarized lenses.

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Check your luggage: The models were totally committed to the show, with some even stopping to check their bags

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They even featured two dapper looking pilots, wearing Chanel suits

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The models didn’t follow the traditional catwalk style rather they behave more like travelers rather than runway models.

The Grand Palais was completely unrecognizable thanks to its airport makeover

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Air hostess was decked out in a smart tweed blazer with a sequined hem and a matching pencil skirt, teamed with silver gloves and finished with vibrant orange holographic sunglasses.

Lagerfeld modelled ladies with tom boy style headgear and bohemian prints.

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Model look topped off with a pair of vibrant orange sunset-inspired aviator shades.

Her dark locks were tamed into a long, low ponytail and with metal headbands covering her crown, and she wore a pair of on-trend, chunky Perspex heels on her feet.

The runway diva ensemble, this time sporting a pair of baggy leather flares with an overlapping skirt.

Her outfit gave a complete look with crystal embellished jacket. , staying true to fashion house founder Coco Chanel’s ladylike aesthetic with pretty bow detailing.

The futuristic (modern technology) theme was also present in the make-up since Kendall was given an avant-garde, blue stripe covering her eyes.

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Quick change: Kendall also wore this dramatic leather ensemble, rocking flares with a caped skirt with a futuristic, crystal-embellished jacket with bow detailing during the Spring/Summer 2016 show. Because theme of airline depicts more dramatic and futuristic looks.

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Classics with a twist: models styled in black and white designs along with Avant grade stylings, such as voluminous shapes and a mixture of textures. And it trademark Chanel

Flight status: Each of the models strutted with attitude past the ticket counters – though they seemed to already be checked in, as nobody stopped

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Designer baggage: Many of the models wheeled suitcases behind them, with the luggage proving just as luxurious as the clothing

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While it is debatable whether it would actually be comfortable to fly in these outfits, any celebrity who picked one up would certainly be ready for the paparazzi waiting for them when they landed

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Fashion-forward jet set crowd: The models walked erectly with their stuff and with wheelie suitcases, carry-ons and a variety of other unique accessories

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Blue steel: Many of the models kept incredibly straight faces while walking down the runway

Checking any bags? Some of the models engaged in conversation with the check-in attendants

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They’ve arrived: The room was filled with chairs similar to those found at an airport gate, but we’d bet the lucky men and women sitting in those seats were much more entertained than those at an airport.

Kendall only made her runway debut in early 2014, but she’s already one of the most popular choices for some of the biggest designers.

Earlier this year, the stunner was also unveiled as the face of a Karl Lagerfeld campaign, her debut for the modern design icon.

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Ready for the runway: Designer Karl Lagerfeld transformed Paris’ Grand Palais into a mini airport, complete with mock check-in areas and baggage belts.

Chanel always come up with some different looks and this airport themed collection turned to be an amazing theme they all designed the Paris palaisinto an airport.





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