tom and jerry comedy show


tom and jerry comedy show

tom and jerry comedy show .Kids mostly love to watch cartoons on T.V like tom and jerry. It’s a great source of fun and entertainment for kids. They are fond of cartoons. They found different characters in many shape and dress with colorful attire. Mostly they start to watch cartoons at the age of 3. tom and jerry comedy show At this age children’s have growing mind with curiosity of many things and the capability of fast learning by observing things. That’s why it makes an impact not only on their mind but also on their nature. By watching cartoons it makes positive effects on children nature. And I am going to discuss one of the best cartoon tom and jerry which not only impact on the children’s life but also the good entertainment for the youngster’s.(tom and jerry comedy show)
It is an American animated series created in 1940. It circulates despite between two characters Tom and Jerry and many other characters. This short film based on slapstick comedy. The character cat with name tom and the mouse name jerry have comedic fight between them. The characters shown getting hurt by doing different things and always get better and better.tom and jerry comedy show

I remember the first episode of tom and jerry comedy show cartoons. Tom makes fun of jerry by grabs his tail with her feet and Jerry always tries to run away from the pussy cat. The jerry chases by the tom into the flower stand where it cracks. Its pot and flowers get destroyed.  By listening the pot destroys Tom’s mistress enters the room and chides Tom for its behavior. She warns him if you break the thing again then he will out of the house. Jerry watched that what happens with him and now he came to know about the weakness of the Tom. Jerry always threatens him by throwing the glass from the top of the shelf and many other breakable things whenever Tom tries to grab him. Jerry makes it hard for Tom and gives very tough time by throwing the glasses to the floor. Tom takes a plate in his hand and tries to catch glasses from floor. After catching practice of glasses an idea came to his mind and he keeps cushions on the floor. Tom again comes to Jerry and he throws the glass into floor but the glass is not destroyed because tom keeps the cushions on the floor. Jerry sees the relaxations on Tom face. He sees that Tom has find solution to his problem. He run away to find other solution and the tom behind him. Jerry sees the plates and cup of tea on the shelf. He picks them one by one and throws them onto the floor but Tom caught all the pots. When the Tom pick all the pots jerry kick him off from behind him then all the pots falling down on the floor and torn into pieces. Mammy suddenly came in the room and kick out the tom from house. And jerry happily lives his life. This was my favorite episode ever. Children are not only enjoying watching the comedic fight between tom and jerry but also many ideas comes in their mind.tom and jerry comedy show
tom and jerry comedy show tom and jerry comedy show tom and jerry comedy show tom and jerry first eppisode
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